Cryogenic Pumps

ACD offers a wide range of cryogenic fuel supply pumps to accommodate various flow and pressure requirements for LNG fueled gas systems, bulk transfer, off-loading, and bunkering.

Each centrifugal and reciprocating pump is specifically designed to meet LNG and CNG applications while providing both efficient operation and extended product life. 


Cryogenic, hydro, and pneumatic testing during the assembly phase ensure that ACD pumps comply with industry requirements and match product performance guarantees.

Fueling Applications


• Passenger car (CNG)

• Light or medium duty truck (CNG & LNG)

• Heavy duty truck (LNG)

• Bus (CNG & LNG)

• Maritime (LNG)


• Rail (LNG)


Pump Applications


• Fuel gas systems

• LNG high pressure feed to L/CNG station vaporizers

• Vehicle loading and trailer off-loading

• Bulk transfer

• Bunkering


LNG Properties


• 1 Litre = .64 Nm3 gas


• ± 95% methane (CH4)


• Expansion (liquid to gas): 1 to 620


• Colorless & odorless


• Non toxic, non corrosive


• Specific gravity: Natural gas = .55 (Air = 1.0, Gasoline = 3.4, Diesel > 4.0)


• Flammability limit: 5-15% (vs. 0.5-4.1% for diesel and 1-7.6% for gasoline) mixed with air


• Ignition temperature: 281-343ºC (538-649°F)


The information contained in this website is for reference only. Please consult the ACD Sales Department for proper pricing and specifications.